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3 Reasons Why You shouldn't be Afraid to Use a Sharp Knife!

You know that moment when You realize you've sliced into a finger, and you haven't even finished preparing your dinner? The following is what I have finally taken the time to learn after suffering a cut again, for which I probably should have gotten stitches!

First, SLOW DOWN. Make sure your brain is processing your movement. The act of cutting is a learned behavior and therefore you can perform this action without really thinking about it, but because this is dangerous, give your brain time to engage and allow your brain to instruct your movements.

Second. YOU ARE MOST VULNERABLE when your fingers are at the same level or under your knife. This may seem like a no brainer, but I found myself not taking the time to consider this as I was rushing to prepare a meal for my family.

Third. MAKE AN EASY TURN. Turn the holding hand fingers down so that your hand is facing down toward your board. That way your finger nails are the only exposed surface to the knife when you begin your cut and the knife is level with you fingers.

Final Thoughts. USE A GOOD TOOL. Just like a carpenter needs a good hammer to make their job easier, a cook needs a sharp knife to make chopping and preparing food easier. Get a good knife and use these 3 Suggestions, but if you still have anxiety over using a sharp knife or are having trouble applying these techniques, there are great companies who make a glove that protects your vulnerable hand. For instance, Microplane, which can give you peace of mind as you prepare your next meal.

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